Welcome to David's Homepage

I am no longer actively selling real estate, but I am still happy to help people find the right agent for their needs.

As an author and technology consultant, I am now mostly devoted to writing and enjoying boating, fishing, hiking, and life on the NC Coast.

I came to North Carolina's Crystal Coast after a number of interesting stops. My early years are detailed in this article A Piedmont Awakening.

My first stop after college was moving to Canada to live along the shore of Nova Scotia and eventually build a cattle ranch in New Brunswick.

You can read some about our time in Nova Scotia in our book, A Taste for the Wild, Canada's Maritimes.

To find out how I got from a cattle ranch to Apple Computer, read my book, The Pomme Company.

My career at Apple was an amazing one. Certainly the skills learned at Apple helped get me on the web and propelled me into writing.

After my nearly twenty years at Apple, it took a while to find where I could be successful and my wife and I could be happy.

It turned out that lots of writing, photography, fishing, boating, and beach walking have given me a new purpose in life.

If you would like to see some pictures of one of my many beach hikes, watch this slide show of a trip around the Point at Emerald Isle, NC.

If you would like to learn more where we live and our books, visit our Coast Paradise website.

A visit to our area often is a treat to many people whose lives are continually stretched by modern life, read our A Week At The Beach - The 2013 Emerald Isle Travel Guide for all the information you need to visit.

To read about my wanderings around the coast of North Carolina, visit my Crystal Coast Life blog regularly. To keep up on my technology articles, stop by my author page at ReadWriteWeb.

For a selection of additional articles that I have written visit my article archive. If you are looking for the Roanoke area pictures that used to be on this site, follow this link.

The background of this page is a photo of the White Oak River. The White Oak is a pristine coastal river which empties into Swansboro Harbor just a few miles from the beaches of Emerald Isle. Contact me